Fotogaleri e veçantë nga vendi më i izoluar në botë!

Një seri me foto zbulon se si është jeta në Korenë e Veriut, në vendin më të izoluar në botë.

Fotot janë bërë nga francezi Raphael Olivier.

Ai thotë se kurrë më parë nuk ka mbetur më i impresionuar se përpara godinave dhe hapësirave publike se në Korenë e Veriut.

Gjithçka duket kaq bosh.

“Është diçka speciale. Nuk ka reklama, tabela, kafene apo gjëra të tjera që ta tërheqin vëmendjen nga strukturat. Gjithcka është beton masiv dhe ka një energji të fortë që rrezaton nga këto godina”, tha ai.

 The Golden Lane Bowling Alley in Pyongyang has a retro feel but has little  signage compared to a similar facility elsewhere

The Ryugyong Hotel is 330 metres high and made entirely of concrete, giving it a futuristic look
The atrium view of the Changgwang-won health complex with a harsh concrete form reflects a social modernist style

A barbershop inside the health complex follows the curve of the building and is full of vintage design elements

Swimmers relax at a pool at the Changgwang-won health complex, where modernist architectural features and carefully arranged features such as the tile work

A dressing room in the  health complex features distinctive green tile work with a black floor

The city's metro system is one of the deepest in the world and requires very long escalators to get commuters to trains

The Two Sisters monument, made from solid granite stone, on the outskirts of the capital. The two women are said to symbolise the two sides of Korea and the hope of reunification

The eastern districts of the capital seen from the Juche Tower shows pastel colours is the way for most buildings. Once again, there is no sign of visual pollution such as commercial advertising

A typical Pyongyang residential tower with modernist round shapes which blends in with the city's pastel tones in green and salmon pink

A retro-style ice skating rink in Pyongyang, the capital city, looks more like a space ship than a sporting arena

Inside the rink, North Koreans practice their skating underneath a backdrop featuring the country's former leaders

The Pyongyang Grand Theatre hosts the North Korean Revolutionary Opera. The theatre has a mix of social modernist architecture with Korean influences

An example of modernist architecture near the DMZ, running across the Korean Peninsula since the end of the Korean War

The Workers Party Foundation Monument. It is a recent structure, completed in 1995, but follows the style common in the capital with granite stone - projecting strength

The Koryo Hotel is a twin tower building. This is photo is looking at one tower from the other. The building is 45 storeys tall and topped by two revolving restaurants

The Pyongyang International Cinema House is largely unused most of the time, apart from hosting the city's International Film Festival every two years

The Pyongyang International Cinema House features more amazing tile work from the North Koreans

A building in the centre of the capital with a textured facade. It was built by Russians helping North Korea rebuild the city after the Korean War

A performing arts complex for youth to use for music, threatre and dance is, as Olivier described, 'brutalist architecture'

Pyongyang Sports Village, which is used for wrestling, sits on a sports-dedicated street with several specialised stadiums for volleyball, taekwondo, swimming, badminton and football

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